Thursday, 21 June 2012

London Collections Men: Chris & Tibor bags and The Strong Holdall

What's in your bag these days men?  Well, it could contain the following; mobile, tablet, pen, note book, headphones, hair brush, various skin care products, gym gear, water bottle, laptop the list really does go on. So how do you carry all of these items around?  Often it means carrying around a number of different bags, but Chris & Tibor have different ideas.

They have invented 'The Strong Holdall Collection' for SS2013.  This bag is strong enough withstand the weight of all of the above items, plus much more.  However, the best part is not just in its strengh, it is in its looks.  The brand has stayed focused on creating a beautifully designed bag for the everyday man.

Chris & Tibor also make a number of other London named manbags from The Shoreditch, to The Barbican.   Now we cant wait for the The Angel.


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