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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Investment bags from Zagliani and Harrods

Zagliani Ostrich Skin Bag

Zagliani Crocodile Skin Bag
We really do love a man bag at Maketh-The-Man, so we were really interested to hear about the two new bags from Zagliani.  These beauties are new to Harrods of London, but you'll need a very well off Santa if you expect to find one in  your stocking.  The Crocodile skin bag is priced at £14, 050 and the Ostrich at £6,750.  The reason for the hefty price tag is that the animal skins are injected with silicone, and botox to even out the skins tone to make them feel buttery soft. Mmmmmm buttery soft, just makes our mouth moist!

Block head wear does it in NYC

Putting your head on a block back in 18th century meant you were about to lose it, however putting your head in a block is an entirely different thing.  We present you BLOCK (Twitter - @Blockheadwear),  a New York based company paying homage to the centuries old art of hat making (or felt making), where material is moulded around a piece of wood aka 'The Block', to give a hat its shape.

Created by Ciomi McCabe in 2000, she originally honed her felt makings skills with Kangol before setting up Block.  The company can still be found in NYC creating some serious swagger wagger on the East Coast.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Candy Case from Aspinal of London

So who is ready for their trip home for Christmas? We are, and will be travelling back to Scotland with our new lovely bag, the Candy Case from Aspinal of London (Twitter - @AspinalofLondon).  Handmade from the finest soft and supple Black pebble Italian calf leather married with contrasting smooth Tan calf leather, it's a perfect cabin-sized case.  So those pesky airport staff, can just back off now even if my case full of accessories looks like ammunition on the x-ray machine (true story!!!).

Friday, 16 December 2011

BOXPARK™ pops up in Shoreditch

Check out our review of the world's first 'pop-up mall' in Shoreditch, East London.  Read the full review on my monthly guest article with British Style Bloggers here.

Gentleman Arthur and his beautiful ties

My fellow dandy's, I present to you this Christmas 'Gentleman Arthur', a delightful tie company producing hand made, limited edition pieces.  'Arthur' produces small runs of 100 or so ties all hand printed from wood block carvings.

All the way from the US of A, even the pet dog looks great in one.

Tamzin Lillywhite makes us hard with leather

Leather and jewellery are two things we love at Maketh-The-Man, so when we were introduced to Tamzin Lillywhite (Twitter - @TamzinAmy )we got very excited.

As well as designing harness, bags, wrist cuffs and belts, Tamzin also likes to add injections of metal work to her collection to give them that unique twist and harder edge.  She says:

‘’I’m not a frilly, pretty designer. I like having a hard edge to my creations and for them to be clean and modern but always with a traditional twist’’.

Ding Dong Tamzin, we all love a bit of a hard edge.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Kirk Originals celebrates 'Beam'

Last night saw Maketh-The-Man hit the party scene with our favourite eyewear brand, Kirk Originals, to celebrate the anniversary of their flagship London store.  As part of the fun times, Jason Kirk was also in attendance to showcase his new collection 'Beam'.

'To celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2012, we wanted to launch something really special.  'Beam is unique, combining technical advancement with aesthetic beauty and made entirely from acrylic.' Jason Kirk

Basically, they are shiny and available in multiple colours so like the magpies that we are at Maketh-The-Man, we just got to have some!  Which pair do you think we suited the most?

Friday, 2 December 2011

The Shirt Companion and Vivarati Socks keeps you tight and erect

We like a test at Maketh-The-Man, and so we set out to find a solution to the age old problem of shirt's untucking themselves from ones trousers.... naughty shirts, bad shirts, dirty shirts stay where you are for gods sakes!  Alas sometimes they don't, so the test beganth.

So we came across a rather nifty invention called 'The Shirt Companion', by Sharp and Dapper. Originally called the Derby Sock Suspender in the 1920's, these chaps have brought it back for the modern day man.  It works by attaching one end to the bottom of your shirt, and the other to your socks. Thereby keeping your shirt tucked in and your socks pulled up.

However, a 'Shirt Companion' doesn't work without the right sock.  But what's the right sock Maketh-The-Man I hear you cry?  Well, we are looking at a dress sock situation here boys, so it was fitting that we came across New York based company Vivarati (Twitter - @vivaratisocks).

They state they are 'redefining the men's fashion dress sock market' by offering great quality dress socks with a modern design.  A particularly nice touch is the 'guidelines' segment pages, which is offered on each sock style page to suggest clothing pairing options for your socks.

We had our solution then, so we put them both to the test.  The 'Shirt Companion' worked very well.  It pulled our shirt tight, and our lovely stripy socks up.  It might have felt a little odd at first underneath our trousers, but you soon forget about that. Thus the test ends.